About Ian Greener

I am a Professor of Social Policy at Durham University, writing here in a private capacity. I’ve written three books (‘Continuity and Change in the NHS, Policy Press, 2009; Public Management: A Critical Text, Palgrave, 2010; and Designing Social Research: A Guide for the Perplexed, Sage, 2011) as well as authoring lots of peer-reviewed academic articles and editing three other books.


3 Responses to “About Ian Greener”

  1. MikyqHns1 Says:

    What a wonderful post! I am so delighted you decided to publish it.

  2. - Doc Res Social Policy – University of Birmingham | UoB Social Policy DOCTORAL RESEARCH Says:

    […] Professor Ian Greener, Durham University …. https://t1ber1us.wordpress.com/about/ […]

  3. Does that new research really show competition works in the health service? » Tax Research UK Says:

    […] Greener is a healthcare academic at Durham. I stroingly recommend his blog to those with interest in NHS matters right […]

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